About owl
・No matter how big the owl, please treat them gently.
・Please do not touch owl's stomach and legs and beaks.
・For safety reasons, please don't walk around while holding the owls.
・For safety reasons, staff will be the one who will let hold the owls/let back.

About small animal
・For your safely, don't bring your finger or face near animals mouth.
・Please treat animals gently. Do not pull their ear,legs,tails.
・Please be aware that, you might get small scratches when you are interacting with animals.

【Small Animals Room】【Owl Room】Each room
・Per person/30 minutes 1,000 yen
 (Elementary school students and under 500 yen)incl. tax
・Per person/60 minutes 1,500 yen
 (Elementary school students and under 750 yen)incl. tax
・Per person/90 minutes 1,900 yen
 (Elementary school students and under 950 yen)incl. tax
・Per person/120 minutes 2,300 yen
 (Elementary school students and under 1,150 yen)incl. tax

※Extension is possible, but when it is crowded, it may not be extended.
※Reservations are not accepted.We will guide you in the order that you visited on the day.

・We do not accept customers' entrance (including guide dogs and assisting dogs) accompanying animals.
・It is possible for children under elementary school children to enter, but considering safety, we refrain from touching animals.(Entry fee of less than elementary school students is also charged.)
・Pets are not allowed.
・Anyone under the influence of alcohol can not enter the store.
・When taking pictures, please reftrain from using the flash.
・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol before entering.
・Please wash your hands after interactig with animals.
・Please sanitize your hands before handling the animals.
・Animals are very sesitive. Please do not shout/talk louldly or run around.
・Please follow the staff's instructions to hold with animals.
・Depending on the health of the animal it may not be possible to touch it.
・Please do not give out loud voice, chasing animals, or acting roughly.
・There are cases where you may leave if you can not follow the staff's attention and instructions, acts that disturb other customers.
・We can not assume responsibility for falls and injuries in the store, damage to dirt etc of clothes / belongings etc.
・If you have animal allergy, please enter your store at your own risk.

・To customers with disability
 For customers who are hearing-impaired, we will provide a written guide on the things to note when entering our store.
 Our store has not been designed to be wheelchair-friendly. As there is a staircase in the store and the elevator is not specified for wheelchairs, we do not encourage entering the store in a wheelchair.